ATS System Administration

Technology is our Friend - Not Foe

ATS System Oversight

Wait – when did we last contact them? When did we schedule that interview? Not to fret – we’re here to ensure every contact made with a potential hire is logged, and your system flows efficiently.

As a team, we will work together to recruit for your openings and maintain your ATS system by inputting candidates we make contact with to build your internal recruiting legacy.  When we end our contract with your company, we aren’t taking all of that information with us, instead leaving it for someone else to take over and continue on from.

Highly Customized Recruiting Solutions

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

At NMW, we take the pleasure if providing a variety of recruiting services that can be applied to any size or level of business. We can assist minimally in already outstanding hiring processes, or we can completely reboot your recruiting operation. 

Growth isn’t easy, and that’s ok. But without growth, we won’t see our companies succeed. We love learning from our clients, and we expect to see development professional and personally as a long-term team!

Elevate Your Team

The hiring process one of the most extensive there is in the Human Resources world of a business. Let us help!

Think To the Future

Recruiting is a task that almost every single business does – and impacts so much of the individual company’s future. Let us build your future!

We Solve Real Problems

What Can We Do For You?

HR Strategies

Create recruitment process for your company, so every new hire has a consistent candidate experience.

Talent Acquisition

We'll evaluate, strategize, and recruit to find the right people for the team, fast.

Hiring Process Management

Less stress, your hiring operations are taken care of from start to finish.

We Aim for Effective Results, fast.

let's get to work!

Nicole Wallace