5 Ways To Stick Out Amongst the Hiring Competition

5 Ways To Stick Out Amongst the Hiring Competition

Looking for the right employee to fit your business is hard enough. With the current hiring world more in the power of the interviewee, it's crucial for companies to find ways to stick out against other similar businesses to appeal to the best fit possible.

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5 Ways to Stick Out Amongst the Hiring Competition

A relationship between a potential employee and a business starts from the initial job search, which is sooner than previous hiring history. The relationship must appeal to both parties, and appear beneficial as a two-sided alliance, no longer purely to the satisfaction of only the office. At NMW Consulting, we’ve created 5 unique ways for your company to stick out amongst others in your industry!

Emphasize Continuous Employee Growth Opportunities

Invest in your people – no one employee seeks a role with zero professional or personal development involved. While some employees specifically seek growth in roles, responsibilities and pay, others seek workshops, clinics, or support in personal development as great job enhancers for a role.

“Some of the constant feedback I here from candidates about why they are looking to leave their current company is because they feel like they have hit their ceiling,” says NMW Talent Acquisition Consultant, McKayla Loss. “Most people want to continue enhancing their skills and experience, so growth opportunities are important to make known. Especially in a world right now where it is an employee driven market.”

Prioritize Cultural Fit

Cultural Alignment within the business and employee is as important as ever. “Paint a real picture of what the day to day’s of a job look like. You are interviewing candidates as much as they are interviewing you. It is important to make sure that you are hiring the right people, but that you are right for them.” says Nicky, NMW Founder.

Authenticity about the role, the business, and its values will lead a potential employee in the right direction. Without this reliability, a company could expect a risk of high turnover and brand damage.

Look at Hybrid Or Flexibility Options

Now living in a post-COVID workforce world, employees are now requesting more and more flexibility on how and where they work. Work life balance has come to the forefront of the priority list for a person looking for a new venture.  While not all tasks, operations, or responsibilities can be done virtually or from home, look to evaluate potential hybrid opportunities once a hired employee has earned the respective trust necessary.

Everyone’s definition of flexibility is different, but recognizing what that means for each job description and addressing on the front end will differentiate you from the competition.

Aim To Leverage Onboarding As A Retention Tool

We’ve all survived the long, dragging, and painful onboarding process of a role that we ended up resigning from for one situation or another. But didn’t that onboarding process leave a sour taste in your mouth from the start?

Positive, well thought out initial experiences will benefit initial productivity and perspective on the company and brand! “This also shows your investment in their growth. Whether this be literal office/ site trainings, continuous education, workshops, conferences, etc.” said McKayla, from her own experiences.

Be Clear About The Role

Seems simple, right? Job descriptions should accurately reflect the true role. Too much wording, or unclear descriptions can lead the new hire to frustration, and potentially regretting taking the job once starting. Additionally, allow a detailed job description to light your load – no manager wants to sort through a stack of virtual (or paper) resumes. By providing a true job posting, those looking to apply will have a true reading of the business, and either apply or don’t, thus saving YOU the time of ‘iffy’ applicants.

“Try to be concise and use information that will capture the readers attention. You can always elaborate more in an interview, but that interview won’t come if someone is scrolling right by your position,” says Nicky. “Make sure what you put down is accurate, truthful information. These details are what may get someone to accept an offer, you want to make sure it is factual so they know what they are starting day 1.”

Your reliable team at NMW Consulting Group is here to provide feedback about your hiring process, and boost your marketing efforts. Together, we can strategize and implement the best system that leads to reliable new hires, in an efficient timeline.

Looking to utilize these tips within your business? Contact us today to schedule a discovery call and learn more about all of NMW’s services!

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