3 things Frustrating Companies That Are Hiring Today – And How NMW Is Here To Fix It

3 things Frustrating Companies That Are Hiring Today – And How NMW Is Here To Fix It

There are numerous frustrations in the workplace - any industry, any role. However, those involved in recruiting roles experience an elevated stress due to a high stakes role vital for the future of the business. Overall, there are 3 main factors enveloping the world of hiring that consume an employee - NMW is here to help you succeed!

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3 Things Frustrating Companies That Are Hiring Today - And How NMW Is Here To Fix It


The average cost per hire for an employer is approximately $4,000, according to a glassdoor study. While this varies on the size and location of your business, as well as what role you are hiring for and the industry, hiring the RIGHT emplyee is one of the most crucial investments a business makes. The costs add up between sourcing, background checks, technology, marketing, systems, and more – the list goes on and on. 

“We use professional tools to actively reach out and source candidates – ask them to apply to their companies and get the process going without the extensive costs of advertising. When someone applies, a client knows they are qualified versus someone clicking on an ad to see what it says,” says NMW Founder, Nicky Wallace. 

The internal costs can often outweigh the other factors or variables in the hiring process. NMW will minimize those costs with complete outsourcing options that allow your Human Resources team to work within budget, and better utilize their time efficiently. Our service options provide plenty of opportunities to work within any budget allocation, and provide quality results.


How many times have we looked at the clock on a typical business day exasperated saying, “wow it’s 4 o’clock already?!” While we love days that fly by, there is simply never enough time in the world to conquer all that we desire within our job’s tasks. Not only do we struggle fitting every duty into a standard 8 to 5, we also deal with the juggle of shifting priorities and last minute additions to the table. 

“The recruiting process takes a long time, and I think is very often underestimated,” mentions McKayla, Talent Acquisition Consultant. “Those that work in HR have benefits, payroll, reviews, and more on their plate – a lot of crucial day-to-day tasks – where recruiting often takes a back burner or gets put onto other’s plates. On average, it takes approximately 30 days to fill a position. If you consider how many phone calls, emails, interviews, back and forth, etcetera that you have with just one candidate, your team is being pulled out of their operating rhythm constantly.”

You can rush through the recruiting process, focusing purely on filling holes within the company. OR – you can find attentive, dedicated individuals who will become a long-term asset to your business. To do so, the main component is TIME. Taking the time to understand the role you’re looking to fill, how it molds within the team, and what each potential hire must bring with, emotionally and experientially, to the job is how you will find results that LAST. NMW will take that time to understand the business values and what the hire should come equipped with – then take that knowledge to provide qualified individuals in an extremely efficient timeframe. 


Let’s face it, the process surrounding the hiring is extensive, and in return – draining. Taking the true time to search the recruiting platforms, understand each individual’s experience, schedule screens and interviews, hold interviews, and move forward with the decision or negotiation process is exhausting for one person or even a small team. Not to mention the unfortunate situation when the potential fit falls through and the process has to restart in search of someone new.


Research shows that the commit to fill 15-20 full time role(s) takes approximately one full time employee on the business side – with that employee purely focused on the recruiting process only. Your HR team has a plethora of other tasks to conquer, giving little time to bring passion to the world of hiring. Allow NMW to take the weight off your shoulders by outsourcing this chore with a group of people highly driven to succeed in the recruiting world. 


Founder Nicky Wallace says it best, “When you partner with us, we are 100% dedicated to your reqs! With the years of experience our team holds within several different industries, you can anticipate positions filled FAST, and consult with you along the way – turning you into a top employer people want to work for!”

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