2022 Marketing Trends

2022 Marketing Trends

Marketing in the digital age is constantly changing and adapting to the world around us. Today's marketing can be summed up with the keyword: CONNECTION.

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2022 Marketing Trends

Authentic, Value-Driven Content

With the pandemic more and more in the rearview mirror, viewers are looking for content that comes from an authentic, genuine voice. This not only means talk or social postings regarding diversity and sustainability, among others, it means providing open communication about items involving shipping delays, product shortages, or hours changing. Transparency is key to retaining the trust of the buyer or client!

Video Based Content, Live Streaming, and More

Milennials and Gen-Z are ruling the marketing trends of the nation this year. Adapting to this newer way of interactive, video based content is crucial to staying relevant to key influencers of your industry. 80% of people prefer to engage with live videos rather than pre-recorded. Platforms like TikTok, along with the features of Instagram and Facebook alive allow business’ or influencers to actively interact with viewers so that they may ask questions and feel involved in their purchase or service decisions.

Visual Content Remains Pertinent

65% of us are visual learners – meaning graphics and marketing enhance your storytelling within your business. Yes, advancements in voice search are requiring more and more comprehensible text or copy, however, image-focused content will continue to remain crucial to the necessary engagement your brand needs to stay relevant among your niche market. 

Conversational Marketing

Above all, CONNECTION IS KEY. Personalized, human-centered interactions are key to a satisfied buyer and repeat customer or client. People want customized responses specific to their needs or wants about the service or product. Scripted, unspecified messaging or conversations no longer fit the mold of today’s B2C world. This again pulls back to the idea that transparent communications with those you interact with are vital to establishing ideal relationships with your consumers! 

Staying in SYNC with your clients or buyers wants and needs is ultimately what it’s all about, and will always remain to be about in the marketing world of your business. Listen to your customers, stay personable, remain transparent, and watch your business soar!

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